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One Bread Foundation, Inc.'s primary mission is simple:

ADVOCATE to be a voice for children enslaved. 

EDUCATE to raise awareness and educate others on the growing epidemic in our own backyards; 

COLLABORATE to raise funds to fight human trafficking and rehabilitate those rescued from sex trafficking, working with other non-profit organization so that together we can end sex trafficking.

100% of the funds we raise online through our Amazon Store and participation in Amazon's Affiliate Program are donated to rehabilitate those rescued from sex trafficking through our collaborative efforts with New Day for Children.



The purpose of OBF is to give awareness to a multi-billion-dollar/year horror that stalks our children.  Specifically, we wish to bring to light the enslavement of children who are sold for commercial sex. This is not just an isolated, third-world problem.  Unfortunately, this takes place right in our own backyards! These children are someone’s daughter, son, sibling, and grandkid.  Your donation is not just another dollar spent. It is another life saved! Through’s Affiliate program we put 100% of the funds raised back into the rehabilitation of these kids. We are not just getting kids off the streets and saved from sex trafficking – we are helping them to become part of our society! 

As we fund New Day for Children’s work we also guide you here, to our website, through many social media avenues.  It is here, through a click of a button, that you are able to donate just by shopping for yourself/ your workplace. And all you have to do is click on our link and shop on Amazon like you normally would.

These are no small tasks, will you help us?  


We do understand that some do not shop online/ would like to donate in other areas and with other means.


Donation Opportunities & Ways to Give:


This does not necessarily mean your physical person! Please refer to our volunteer page to see what it means to be a: 

Child Ambassador from your own computer!  Do you have a moment to simply share a post on Social Media? 
Writer to help us with our Newsletters and Blog posts! Please contact our Newsletter Editor.
Volunteer, if you are local, and are able, at one of our events. We have many areas where an extra set of hands can go a long way, from setting up tables, decorating, or even serving food. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Event Coordinator or Newsletter Editor at

Attn: Event Coordinator/Newsletter Editor
Subject: Volunteer



Have you had a chance to shop on our very own Amazon Store?  We are always looking for more items to add to our inventory!  All funds earned from sales on our Amazon Store is 100% donated to the rehabilitation of youth through New Day for Children.   Nothing is too small!  Please contact our office today by calling (888)252-5939, ext. 3 and speak with Rebecca Miller about our donation program and arrange for pick-up.

You can also mail items to:

One Bread Foundation, Inc.
ATTN: Amazon Store Administrator
PO Box 6642
460 Center St
Moraga, CA 94570



- Wills
- Gift Annuities
- Bonds/Mutual Funds
- Stocks

Do you enjoy giving back and would like to be part of a foundation that helps get youth off of the streets, rehabilitated, and ready to start a new chapter in their life?  Some youth on the streets are without any aid or help, and therefore see no way out of their situation.  If we have been blessed financially, let’s give back!

Please contact us for more information at

Attn: Corporate Treasurer
Subject: Donation Information

Please mail all donations to:

One Bread Foundation, Inc. 
ATTN: Corporate Treasurer
PO Box 6642
460 Center St
Moraga, CA 94570



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