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Give the Life-Changing gift of education - SHOP NOW.

100% of all our profits go to benefit school children living in the Oakland Community that we serve.

You can help fund our primary projects by either shopping on Amazon.com - like you you would normally do.  Or, you can look at the items we posted for sale as part of our Community Garage Sale.

Everything you purchase is guaranteed through Amazon's Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

By simply visiting our Amazon.com/Shops listing (at the bottom of this page): These funds go to provide:

  • Tuition Assistance for children level at or below the Federal poverty level.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner for a need family of one of the students at the Charter School campus.

We hope to turn this into an opportunity for community partners, bakers and private businesses to help us fund our projects.

Just-Bread.org is committed to helping children enjoy life in all its fullness. 

Our work with families, communities and local partners strives to improve the well-being of vulnerable children, in the most important aspects of their lives. 

Our efforts address basic needs, but also go beyond those to include the spiritual, psychological and relational aspects of thriving in a vibrant and empowered community.