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The One Bread Foundation is committed to helping children enjoy life in all its fullness. Our work with families, communities and local partners strives to improve the well-being of vulnerable children, in the most important aspects of their lives. Our efforts address basic needs, but also go beyond those to include the spiritual, psychological and relational aspects of thriving in a vibrant and empowered community.

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It all started with a visit to a grammar school in Oakland...

Actually, we visited two separate facilities in 2011.

First, we visited St. Martin de Porres School and discovered that they were without a sports program of any kind.  Having raised three active boys and a daughter, we knew how important sports can be to young children and the life lessons that are gained from participating in team sports activities.  So, we initiated the funding for an after-school Soccer Program at the suggestion of the school's president.  We are proud of the fact that the kids are enjoying it and that it can be expanded to include more children.  The majority of the children that attend this school are living below the federal poverty level.

Second, we visited World Academy, a charter school also located in Oakland for the purpose of assisting with the donation of 500 Thanksgiving Dinner gift boxes.

Feeding a growing family is difficult for any parents, but it is even more difficult when you lack either the education or skills required to obtain a good paying job or career.  So, this was where the dream was initiated.

Everything the One Bread Foundation, Inc. does is focused on one goal: the sustained well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.