Do you have a passion for helping kids? Do you have a heart for those enslaved that need rehabilitation?

One Bread Foundation, Inc. is committed to funding the rehabilitation of children saved from sex trafficking. We have a unique and simple design. Through the Amazon Affiliate program, we are able to earn a percentage of sales made on Amazon if the shopper uses our Amazon link on our webpage. 

Currently we are utilizing multiple social media vehicles to get the word out: we have also paired up with Macy’s for their Shop for a Cause in August of 2015 and Francesca’s Fashions for our Annual Benefit Fashion Show coming up in November 2015. We are slowly getting the word out and raising awareness, but we have such a long road ahead of us. 

We need volunteers to help us in our three-tier mission: Advocate, Educate, and Collaborate. We need more voices. We need more written content to educate America and call people to action. We also need more hands on deck as we collaborate together with other organizations and events to raise funds to rehabilitate these kids. Are you able to help with any of these areas? Sex Traffickers are not waiting for us; we need to act now. 

What can you do to help? 

Volunteer Opportunities:

ADVOCATE: Child Ambassadors

We need people to volunteer their time; take a moment and like us on social media - share us with your friends and family, and help us to spread the word! You may only spend 5 seconds to share a post – but that same post could very well result in giving a child the rest of their life, saved from slavery, and rehabilitated to a new life. We all share recipes, news stories that tug on our heart, and funny pictures on our social accounts: Let us also share something that results in a child’s freedom with our friends. 

Please email
Attn: Social Media Manager
Subject: Child Ambassador Info


EDUCATE: Writers  

Do you love writing? Part of our monthly outreach includes a regular newsletter. We would love to feature fellow writers in our Newsletter who have a desire to end human trafficking. We want to hear your knowledge and research. Creative writing, including poems, are also encouraged.

Please email
Attn: Newsletter Editor
Subject: Writing Volunteer



Does catering or serving tables appeal to you? Do you enjoy decorating? If you are located in the San Francisco Bay area, we would love to have you serve alongside us at our next fundraising event. 

Please email
Attn: Event Coordinator
Subject: Event Volunteer